1349: "Revelations Of The Black Flame" – 2009 — 1 - Invocation скачать mp3 для android

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Исполнитель: 1349: "Revelations Of The Black Flame" – 2009

Название песни: 1 - Invocation

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Текст песни

1. Invocation

Let the darkness fall, arouse my soul,
Unveil the mysteries of all past aeons,
Out of deep slumber crawl,
And reignite the Black Flame.

Rise with the new sun, descend
With the spirits of the moon,
Rebirth in screams of terror,
A domain of pain,
Moving with the black clouds forming,
The twilight's heavens cross.

Winds blows burnt pulverized bones,
Yet the spiritual flame burns deeper,
Devoured by them,
Gasps in the nightly air seems weaker,
As the darkness fall.

Time's up...
The time is now...

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1349 - Invocation

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