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Исполнитель: 50 Cent

Название песни: You Should Be Dead

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Дата добавления: 2014-08-02

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Текст песни

[50 cent - Intro]
I rock a n-gga to sleep,
roc-roc-roc-a-bye baby
roc-roc-roc-a-bye baby

You should be dead by now
smile but wait until my shooters come round
with the tallids and hollow tip rounds
in my hood they know how I be down (when I say dead, you dead)

[Verse 1 - 50 Cent]
Yeah I show you my teeth all through the beef
paint the sidewalk red with the back of your head
shootouts in my hood like a daily routine
Dee’s think I’m involved with a n-gga hit hard
so when I empty the shell and the hollow tips fly
nigga you can cross your heart and hope not to die
come through squash the drama send niggas some llama’s
and eat your ass up fuck being masked up
I was given the gift of life
First Sabrina’s since then I’ve been jammed up and fucked with the Nina!
NaNa raised nine kids – I turned out the meanest
I mean a menace
fuck with me and your finished


[Verse 2]
Homie, I Always pay my debts when I owe a nigga bullets
got an arsenal of infiltry and n-ggas to pull it
go ‘head stay out on me, dump weight it’s nothing
I curse a nigga down, and touch him, catch him and buss him
bitch get out the way, baby while I spray it
I wet a nigga like a hydrant on a hot summer day
but you can catch me in May riding down with the K
better watch what you say, we’ll get it popping today
yeah I make it hot round here, I call the shots round here
I have a nigga tear off your top round here
this is a land of broken hearts, where bullets shatter dreams
And everything that a nigga want is only triple beams


roc-roc-roc-a-bye baby
roc-roc-roc-a-bye baby

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50 Cent - You Should Be Dead

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