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Исполнитель: Andrew WK

Название песни: It's Time to Party

Продолжительность mp3: 01:30

Дата добавления: 2016-04-11

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Текст песни

It's time to party, Let's party
Hang out with yourself and have a crazy party
Hey you, let's party
Have a killer party and Party!
Don't even try and deny it
'Cos you're gonna have a Party tonight
And you know we're gonna do it tonight
We're gonna lose it all
When you open your door!
Party, Party, There's gonna be a party Tonight!
Tension in my hand
When you're standin' there
Not thinkin' anything (It's time to Party! )
Doing it fast, When you're doing it long
Keep gettin' your money (It's time to Party! )
Pounding on one, touchin' yourself
It's not too late (It's time to Party! )
Open your mouth, we're all gonna come... In your face!


It's time to... party, party, there's gonna be a party tonight!

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