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Исполнитель: Little Big

Название песни: Freedom

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freedom, we'll be free.
we all love you, freedom.

so spread your wings and fly,
there is nothing to go and die.
no matter what you face,
we are to live in love and peace.
a lot of weak are to wither.
let walls come down destroying prison.
stand up and fight if you're right so,
its time to go go go.

you and me are alike don't believe them.
different flags but the souls have the same stem.
standing here in the name of their gambling,
same and resembling,
i want you to hear me!

and the sun will be shining forever.
we'll be back from the death fields through the never.
and create the new world full of blessing,
no place for pressing,
i want you to follow me!

this is true that the wars can last endlessly.
as its true that we both have the families.
i see you through an aim but my finger,
won't pull a trigger,
you're not the fucking enemy!

so much pain and so much violence.
why are billions keeping silence?

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Little Big - Freedom

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