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Исполнитель: Made Of Hate

Название песни: Fallout

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Дата добавления: 2014-08-29

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Текст песни

The Wawe of Death
has just crossed the world
Burning whole flash into the dust
The end has just begun

Children cry prepared to die
There's no hope for them
Machines have gone wild
They're killing innocents...

Fallout has just begun
Not too many have survived
thanks to fate I'm one of them
Getting tougher still I'm stand

Mutants are all over there
People are wrecked and gone insane
It's a deadly fightfor a sec of life

I see you getting out of the darkness
Frightened, weak and lost
Will you take my helpful hand
Or will you perish in a fight?

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Made of hate- Fallout

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