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Исполнитель: ТонкаяКраснаяНить

Название песни: Truth Or Lies

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Дата добавления: 2014-09-15

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Текст песни

That is all. You can seel your eyes.
So the world around won't make you bother.
Anyway, you cannot regain
All the best you gave, your soul is froen

Take off your face
Your pride and your glory,
Choose for yourself
What you have heard,
Was it truth or was it lies ...

That is all. The day's run dry,
All your thoughts erased along with the night.
Fortune's gone, though the darkness fled,
Emptiness still lives somewhere inside

The light of your broken dreams
Has failed to release
The good inside you.
Your peace was gambled away
In this dreadful game,
But you are coming home again

The stars in the sky are making the night
More beautiful than any day,
Whispers in mind are talking so bright,
They're helping you find your own way.
The wind blows away this awful pain,
The show it brings feeling so nice.
You're dreaming again of fortune and fame
And you're never going to open your eyes

That is all. You can never leave.
Eager again for the night of your glory.
But silence comes, everybody's gone,
Dreams dissolve in mist... but that's not over!

The same pain emerges,
The world lives around you,
Your brand new day
Is dim and pathetic.

The truth is inside,
Now you can hear it
And now you can see.

Others seeking lies in empty lives...

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