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Исполнитель: Виктория Победительница

Название песни: Cheer Me Up

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Дата добавления: 2014-07-24

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Текст песни

Yeah, Uhh
Version 1
You get me out of my seat, it's like I've been in bed for a week
I've been slippin' n' slidin' all over the place, and nobody cares
And I'm such a disgrace
You get me out of my mood, that's something only you can do,
Cause I feel like I'm home when I'm in your arms
And that’s why I need you to...
Cheer Me Up,
Come on dance with me, (Whoa)
And you take my hand.
Cheer Me Up (Oh,Oh)
Even if we're the only ones dancing
Cheer Me Up (Whoa...)
Please won't you cheer me up (Oh,Oh)
Even if were the only ones dancing.
Version 2
Give me a reason to smile
The kind that will last for a while
Like only u know how, make if ok now
U got your ways how to make this girl’s day
It’s the magic that’s in your touch
It’s makes everything mean so much
The poetry in your eyes is enough in
Itself to take me to a high…
Whoooo (take me to a high)
U gotta cheer me up.
You turn my frown upside down
My smile’s lost ‘n’ found when you are around
(U cheer me up, cheer me up) x2.
Only u got the magic, only u that the key…
To my heart to my heart, Oh, yeah
Only u got the magic, only u that the way…
To my heart, u gotta cheer me up.

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