Виктория Победительница — пятерня в лицо скачать mp3 для android

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Исполнитель: Виктория Победительница

Название песни: пятерня в лицо

Продолжительность mp3: 01:57

Дата добавления: 2014-10-17

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Текст песни

You know i wantch ya, ’cause girl i really wantch ya and you lookin nice got me,
Cooler than a bag a ice now freee freee freee
Now go! Drive it fast and move it real slow hooo
You smell so fruity im a pirate and
Your my booty arrr so move it in close and let me have my daily dose, ahhh

Girl, i’ve been thinkin ’bout ‘cha think about me whatch you think about it
Five finga (to the face) eh eh erh erh five finga (to the face) what what
Oh its like this five finga (to the face) re re rerere five finga (to the face)
Eh eh erh erh

I love my tina vanessa and gorgina its a ladies choice
So ima make sure to make some noise
Hooowoooaaa and now were
Sweatin got my turbo engine repping

They stop and stare oh
The haters thing is just not fair but im 6 foot 1 and im tons of fun and im
About to put this club in gear so fellas grab a cup what all my ladies you
Know whats up yeah
Put ‘cha your hands in the sky if youre feelin fly and
Tell me that choo what cu im the man in charge
And you know im livin large
I got big white house and a fancy yacht and a garage full a classic cars

What ‘cha talkin bout boy oh calm down i know you dont think you can just
Come up in here and buy me come on you know what i got for you
Five finga (to the face)
Bah chicka re re five finga (to the face)

What what five finga (to the face)

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